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This is the specification of the Customer Account API.
SCAYLE Customer Account API is a REST API that handles user's personal information, passwords, order history, and other account-related actions within the online shop's self-service area.

Thanks to this API, you can create a personalized experience for end customers.

For more information regarding managing Customers in SCAYLE, check our Developer Guide.


Base URL

All requests must be made over HTTPS.

  • Authorization Bearer Token
  • Content-Type application/json
  • X-Shop-Id shopId

How to use

  1. Generate access token via the login/register endpoint of the Checkout Authentication API.
  2. Use the access token as a bearer token for authentication.
  3. Use the https://{{tenant-space}}.checkout.api.scayle.cloud/apias the base URL.

Download Full Reference

Using Postman or similar tools? You can download this reference as a JSON file and import it to start sending requests directly.

Download customer-account-api-latest.json